Innovative Spring Clips for tandem pumps

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How We Started with the A1C Insulin Pump Case

We are a husband and wife team, that has been living with type 1 Diabetes for a long time and currently use the Tandem T-Slim pump. The pump has been great but the cases that fit the pump have failed to hit the mark. The cases used have always fallen off no matter how strong the clip is. They fall off while doing basic activities like walking, biking, kayaking, or activity that has vigorous movement. Even while sleeping the case managed to fall off. I have purchased several from the internet and they all seem to have drawbacks and quality issues. I wanted a pump case that solved these frustrating issues. I asked my plastics engineer husband to design one that would solve these problems. I wanted to be able to charge, refill, and program without removing the pump from the case. It had to be comfortable to wear, easy to remove from the case without disconnecting the tubing, not fall off my clothes, or fall out of the case. He came through on the design and the A1C T-Slim insulin pump case was born. While developing the A1C, we saw the need for a general purpose rugged outdoor universal pump holster, and developed that case too, the PUG case. I hope you like these cases as much as we do!

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  • Renee Crystal River

    What a great case, it’s my new favorite!  I’ve been looking for a case that can be worn vertically and horizontally so that I can actually read what is on the screen and this one switches easily between the two.  I love how I can  take the pump in and out of the case without disconnecting.  I have always had trouble with the case sliding off of my pants, this case stays on and the pump doesn’t fall out!!  Great design, thank you!!!!

    December 29, 2020

  • Joe- Virginia

    What a novel idea! While I am not traditionally a fan of wearing my pump on my belt this case is very different in that it is very functional making it easy to perform daily functions such as bolusing and charging. Brilliant Idea!

    December 29, 2020

  • Sandy - Washington D.C.

    The A1C pump clip is fantastic.  I received my tandem t:slim pump clip and was able to insert my pump and use it within the first minute.  The clip has a very intuitive design which needs very little explanation. My pump snapped into place and let me know when it was stored securely in the clip.  Jump, run, or go to spin class your pump will remain securely fastened to any location you’ve clipped it to. The clip also has a very sturdy design, holding up to multiple drops on hard surfaces.

    Thanks-Sandy Washington D.C.

    November 25, 2020

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